Argyll and Bute: candidate profiles

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With two days to go to the 2010 General Election vote on 6th May, here are profiles of candidates we have published over the past seven months.

The photographs above are shown in the order in which the candidates’ parties came at the last General Election in 2005, with the addition in 2010, of a candidate from the Scottish Green party.

The linked profiles below are listed in alphabetical order of surname; and we have added each candidate’s campaign website, also in alphabetical order of surname.

Mike Mackenzie and Gary Mulvaney each accepted the For Argyll Political Challenge in 2009. Their profiles were written as the conclusion to that series and published in the Autumn of 2009. Each of these profiles carries at its foot the links to the list of six short position papers each candidate wrote on a set of common issues we gave them.

We do not have profiles on John Black for the Jacobite Party nor for George Doyle, the Independent candidate because we were unaware of their standing until it was too late. However, the article published earlier today on the Oban FM Hustings last night, carries some material on each of them. Here too is John Black’s campaign website: Gaun Yersel.

Argyll is fortunate to have a set of very able candidates, bright, engaged, capable and likeable. And the best of them will win.

We will be at the count of Friday. The fight for Argyll and Bute is seen, rightly, as one of the most exciting in Scotland. Be sure you vote.

Candidate profiles

Candidates’ campaign websites

6 Responses to Argyll and Bute: candidate profiles

  1. Help ma boab!
    I have received today another posted and addressed letter from Alan Reid. This one is addressed to me personally and starts ” Dear supporter…..”. He has been misinformed.
    More to the point. How much has he spent on this tripe. I make that at least five posted personalised messages (at about thirty pence each plus the cost of printing and envelopes)to the whole constituency plus posted “Parliamentary” Reports.
    What are we looking at? £50,000? £60,000?
    I suspect he may find out the money was wasted on Friday

  2. Apologies to David and all others who received this letter who are not Liberal Democrat supporters. The final proof agreed with the printer addressed people by their Names. However the printer for some accountable reason replaced this with Dear Supporter.

  3. I’ve just been sent a copy of Alan Reid’s election manifesto, in which he includes a quote from me which gives the impression that he has my support.
    I’m absolutely livid about this. I think he’s utterly useless and the fact that he should promote me as a backer is nonsense.
    He quotes me as saying: “I have considerable respect for Alan Reid, who is by any measure a hard-working and, by Westminster standards, a very cheap MP……”
    Absolutely true – I did say this in the opening paragraph of a letter to the Observer, but the letter was in fact highly critical of him – in fact I’ve never written anything which, taken in context, could be construed as even remotely supportive of him in terms of how effective he is.
    If he really wanted to use quotes from me about himself he could have used the following: “utter hypocrisy”
    “Mr Reid is reluctant to let a bandwagon pass him without seizing the opportunity to jump upon it”
    “he is not lacking in brass neck….”
    “Mr Reid’s memory is somewhat akin to that of a goldfish when it comes to recollecting uncomfortable truths, and he is clearly a man whom it is impossible to embarrass….”

    And last, but most relevant in the circumstances: “I never cease to be amazed at the effrontery of Mr Reid…”

  4. Don’t worry about this, Dave. I too had a letter from Alan Reid addressing me as a “supporter” and I have had three personally addressed letters from Nick Clegg all the way from a London address supposedly from the “Scottish” Liberal Democrats.

  5. Cool down folks. With prices the way they are we really can be doing with some free toilet paper.

  6. Help ma Boab again!

    We’re now getting a four page LibDem “newspaper” delivered at a cost of perhaps another £4000 across the Constituency. Think of what the SNP could do with this sort of money!
    I’m afraid this smacks of desperation.
    Is this some of the £2.4 million that convicted fraudster Michael Brown gave to the LibDems out of the millions he stole from Man Utd?

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